The ONLY licensed escrow company approved by BitGo!

Guaranty Escrow are trusted intermediaries of BitGo.

Guaranty Escrow are trusted intermediaries of BitGo.

Since 2017, Guaranty Escrow has pioneered the use of cryptocurrencies in real estate, as the trusted intermediaries of BitGo and the ONLY licensed escrow company approved by BitGo!

Safeguarding in excess of 600 tokens, BitGo processes 20% of all global Bitcoin transactions by value, while offering the safest technology on the market, serving more than 1,500 institutional clients from over 50 countries.

Join other buyers, sellers, and escrow and title companies nationwide in selecting Guaranty Escrow to handle your crypto real estate transactions!


Secured in All 50 states.

Secured in All 50 states.

Guaranty Escrow Voted Best of BitPay 2023 for Real Estate.

BitPay is a cryptocurrency payment service provider that enables businesses and individuals to accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The service converts these payments into traditional currency, streamlining the process for merchants who wish to accept crypto without handling it directly.

There were 136 merchants from 14 countries encompassing 18 different categories nominated for the Best of BitPay 2023.

Being vetted by BitGo, and meeting their standards for approval, means you can be confident that your crypto escrow transactions are handled securely and responsibly.

The process.

The process

1 Verification

Guaranty Escrow accepts buyers' cryptocurrency into a self-managed cold wallet. Then confirms the wallet value to show proof of funds to the seller, realtors, and lenders.

Crypto verification

2 Conversion

The buyer directs Guaranty Escrow on the timing to convert the cryptocurrency to USD. GEI processes the conversion from cryptocurrency to cash.

Crypto conversion

3 Completion

Guaranty Escrow holds the USD in its regulated and insured trust account. The buyer then directs GEI to disburse the funds and complete the deal. Time to celebrate!

Crypto completion

Trusted. Secure.

And for extra peace of mind, you retain control of all the keys to your crypto wallet throughout the entire process.

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