Independent and contemporary escrow provider headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

In the early 2000s, CEO Wendy Bond saw the need for a premium, independent escrow service. Something fresh and modern with a focus on customer experience. So in 2004, Guaranty Escrow was born.

Since then, we've handled over $6.5bn in real estate escrow. Held other high-value transactions in holding escrow. And revolutionized the process for cryptocurrency deals.

"Excellent timely and accurate escrow processing."
- Mehmet Atesman, Seller



At Guaranty Escrow we strive to create a professional and caring business environment in which employees thrive and clients are always served. Every real estate transaction is unique and the parties in the transaction deserve our attention, patience, guidance, respect and understanding. There are few events in life that are as financially significant and emotionally memorable as a real estate transaction.

"Crystal was awesome to deal with. Everything was ordered on time, perfect explanation for all items. A truly wonderful escrow company and Crystal is an idea escrow officer."
- Pamela Whitfield, Selling Agent



Wendy Bond

President & CEO

Early years in the banking industry taught Wendy the mantra she’s taken with her throughout her career. Previously, as a founder/owner of a successful mortgage banking firm before its sale in 2005. And as the President and CEO of Guaranty Escrow today.

Luke Walrad

Vice President, Escrow Manager, Escrow Officer

Luke Walrad has been involved in thousands of escrows and has the knowledge and personality to ensure that your time in escrow is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Ann Hunter

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Ann devotes her efforts to creating efficiencies in data handling, tracking systems and document processing — all to make sure that Guaranty maintains the safest, fastest, most efficient, and easiest escrow transaction completion process.

Melissa Criado

Escrow Manager

Melissa is dedicated to making sure all transactions go smoothly. She achieves this with outstanding organizational and communication skills, attention to detail, and superior customer service.

Crystal Swiger

Escrow Officer

Crystal has 15 years experience in Residential and Commercial Sales, 1031 Exchanges, Probate, Auctions, Foreclosures, Trust Sales, Refinances, Short Sales and REO’s.

Diana Woods

Escrow Officer

With the extensive experience that comes with working 35 years in the many different facets of the real estate industry, Diana has the unique ability to anticipate and diffuse potential issues to a transaction.

Jennifer Greene

Escrow Officer

A South Bay native, Jennifer has been working in real estate, title insurance and escrow since 2001. She combines her knowledge of these industries to help our clients with accurate and successful closings.

Matthew Bond

Executive Assistant

Matthew was born and raised South Bay, having attended Marymount California University. His passion for being a part of the family business sets him apart from the rest. Matthew started in Real Estate as a licensed Realtor, and now work in the specialized escrow division for Guaranty Escrow.

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