Leaders in Holding Escrows

"John Coyro is an exceptional Escrow Officer who goes above and beyond to ensure the success of his clients' transactions. His expertise, dedication, and excellent communication skills make him an asset to any real estate transaction."
- Aaron Tolosa, Selling Agent

From personal purchases to commercial contracts. Tenancy deposits to landlord agreements. And any other of life’s big deals. Our holding escrow provides a safe and secure way to hold funds.





"Great and smooth Closing!"
- Laura Olivarez, Selling Agent

Personal property

We handle all forms of holding escrows, including holdbacks on real estate transactions and sales including personal property such as yachts, airplanes, and motor vehicles.

Financial deposits

Lawsuits, tenancies, and good faith transactions. Any exchange that requires a deposit is suitable for a holding escrow. Keep yours safe and secure in our holding escrow.

The process

1 Preparation

Guaranty Escrow set up the escrow account for the project and prepare the escrow paperwork.

Holding Escrow Preparation

2 Instruction

Buyer deposits funds and instructs Guaranty Escrow when to release them.

Holding Escrow Instruction

3 Celebration

Guaranty Escrow issues receipts and confirmation-of-funds letters and you celebrate the completion!

Holding Escrow Completion